Activation &

Our FAST track approach to treatment consists of using functional screening tests and  exercises to activate inhibited muscle groups to cause proper stabilization of joint mechanics.  This approach will not only help us in determining the cause of your pain, but it will allow us to design functional exercises to treat the cause of your pain and restore normal function.  This technique is the key to getting you better and keeping you that way.  We are able to give you the tools needed to maintain your level of progress so you are not dependent on our treatment on an ongoing basis.   

Areas of chronic pain and dysfunction often are a result of activity intolerances that were caused by a mechanical sensitivity.  An area in your body that has been painful and over time may have caused you to limit your activities or motion due to this pain.  These mechanical sensitivities are often not even the cause of your problem.  Often there are silent “key links” that are causing a mechanical sensitivity.  This functional pathology or what is know as abnormal motor control (AMC) is often the underlying cause of your pain.  Our goal is to determine the abnormal motor control patterns and retrain the neuromuscular system to restore normal control. We are really retraining your central nervous system.  We are activating muscle firing patterns and creating proper stabilization of joint motion. This functional reactivation has three components - advice, manipulation and exercise. 

For example, your ongoing back pain may be a result of your gluteus medius muscle not doing its job correctly.  Low back pain often cause inhibition of the gluteal muscles.  If your gluteal muscles don’t fire and create the proper stability in your pelvis and spine, all the strength training in the world won’t help.  A strong muscle is useless if it doesn’t do it’s job when it is supposed to. By activating the gluteal muscles and creating proper stabilization in your pelvis, your low back pain will now respond much better to manipulation and you will start to see some consistent results with your care.  Without Neuromuscular Rehabilitation Technique your need for traditional chiropractic treatment will often be ongoing.  The joint mechanics can’t fully stabilize and the joint will continue to lock up after a few days to a few weeks of normal activity, causing recurring back pain.  With our FAST track system you will be on your way to fully recovering and have the tools necessary to continue to manage the rehabilitative process on your own.  Depending on the severity of your condition you may find that your condition will respond to care in as few as one visit and may be managed with as few as 10 visits. 

We have proven over time to provide our patients with better treatment approaches than traditional chiropractic.  We get our patients better 25% faster than the national average for most musculoskeletal conditions.  As we continue to learn new things and refine our technique, we are committed to producing even better results for you, our patients.